Tuesday, February 14, 2017

#29 is Finished

This is one of the quilts I am doing for my Elm Street Quilts - OMG.  I set my goal at doing 2 of these quilts, one in the brown/tans and one in the black/greys.

The fabric is Behind the Scenes by Jen Kingwell Designs,  I must have really liked this fabric, since I bought both a layer cake and a jolly bar.

So to make the most out of my purchases, I cut the layer cake in half and added it to the jolly bar. I then had 126 blocks of 5 x 10.  Then I separated them into the brown/tans and the black/greys.

To be able to finish this quilt I needed to get some binding material.  That meant a trip to Shipshewanna since Yoder Department Store was the closest place that had this line of Moda.

Off we went, Hubby even drove me down, about 90 minutes from home.  I did entice him with a donut and a meal.

I got my binding at Yoder's and made a few other stops for things backing for a few upcoming quilts, then we headed home.

First up is the brown/tan quilt. This is the one that I finished yesterday.

These pictures really don't do the fabric justice.  It is quite lovely.  Not sure how to show the true colors in these pictures.  We even had a bit of sun, which doesn't seem to help the colors at all.

I had a few blocks left, so I added them to the back with some white strips and it turned out better than I had expected.

Anyone has has looked through any of my quilts will notice, I am a straight line quilter.  I think I am getting pretty good with them.  I did 5 lines of quilting on each side of the seam and am pleased with the outcome.

This year I am going to try FMQ, just not yet.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Valentine Quilt #30

Received the following goodies from Veronica Conner, in The Quilting Bee BOM Chocolate & Charm Swap.  It can't be more right, fabric and chocolate.  I received Hershey Caramel Kisses, which is one of my favorites.  A bonus Godiva bar too.  A very cute pin pack from MSQC and a pouch she had made were also included.  My charm pack was #Love by Moda.

It was just in time for Valentines Day.  It reminded my of my niece and her family.  They are moving this weekend, so I thought I would put together a quick basic quilt for them.

Got out my Kona White and started making HSTs, my go to basic.  After I get them all trimmed, I'll decide what I'm going to do with them.

Here is how it turned out.  Basic HSTS, but I added a sashing between each row to give it a bit more length, as well as some borders.

Here is the back.  I used Robert Kaufman Spot On in Red for the back.  The binding is Penny Rose Hope Chest Houndstooth in Red.

I added each of the family names to a block to add some extra love.  It is washed and in the mail.  Hope they enjoy!!!

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February 2017 OMG

Time to set some goals for February.  Thanks goodness I got January done.  So  onto a new month.  For February my goal is to complete this top from Behind the Scenes by Jen Kingwell.s.  This will be my 29th Quilt.

My second goal is to use the remaining fabric to do another quilt.

So off I go to get going.

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A New Month!! Yeah for February!

2017 started with a few bumps in our house.  I was sick and out of it for about 3 weeks, a few car and house problems and then having to say goodbye to our beloved 14 year old Vizsla and this blogs namesake, Cocoa.

So I am excited to restart 2017 today, February 1.

I started Totally Triangle QAL and have been working on many of the blocks,  I went ahead an made several of the blocks ahead of the planned date.  Just in case there are other bumps in the road, I will still be on time with my blocks.

So here they are so far.

You can join in over at Mystery Quilter   It has been fun and a learning experience for me.  These are really my first "official" blocks made.

Then I really wanted to do some mindless quilting, so I took out a layer cake and jolly bar pack in Behind the Scenes by Jen Kingwell.

Image result for behind the scenes metro kingwell designs

I ended up with a layer cake and a jolly bar pack, because I liked the fabric and didn't remember that I already had some.  Oh well, the more the merrier.

So I took my layer cake and cut in half to make 5" x 10" pieces.  Combined with my jolly bar pack I now had 126  5" x 10" pieces.

Then I split them up into two groups, the darker and the lighter pieces.

The plan today is to finish the top.  Piece a back and make a sandwich.

Here is to my restart of the New Year.  

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Loss of Best Friend

It was a sad week in our house this week, we said goodbye to our beloved Cocoa.

She was my husbands birthday gift 14 years ago.  She was a Hungarian Vizsla.  They are also know as the Velcro Dog, because they stick to you.  

At the time we got her, Mike was working at home.  But she wasn't crazy about that, so she always joined him in the office chair.  It wasn't comfortable for him, but she started ruling the house.

She was a natural hunter and we enjoyed many pheasant hunting outings with her.  As we would start to see cornfields on the drive to a hunt, she would get so excited.  She would whine so loud.  Once we got to the hunt, she was all business.  Pointing out birds and doing a great job retrieving them.  When she brought them to us she didn't want to give them up.  They were hers.  But we worked through that.  Here she is doing one of the things she loved.
She was a beauty and loved to cuddle and snuggle.  Those snuggles got us through the loss of our son Joe.  They were best buds and now they can enjoy each other again.

She loved the sun and to be outside.  Here she is enjoying the sun and playing in Lake Michigan.

Rest in Peace sweet girl.  We miss you terribly, but know that you are having fun and not hurting now.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

January 2017 OMG & Alison Glass Charm Swap - Quilt #29

Last fall I joined Quilting Jet Girls Alison Glass Charm Swap.  It was my first swap ever and I was a bit excited.

Of course, once I received the charms, then the dilemma was what do I do with them.  I am not the creative, out side of the box thinker.  I am still the newby who is working on points and seam matching.

So I took the opportunity to match this quilt up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal

In this post from January OMG I played with layouts of HSTs.  These are my favorite.  I told you I'm not that creative.  So I go with what works and don't venture to far.

So I decided on this HST layout.  This was the first time I did them as diamonds and they turned out pretty cute.

Of course, then I had to decide how to quilt it on my home machine.  Oh, how about straight lines ( this is the only way I have quilted) no stretch of the imagination here.  

I think it turned out rather cute.  Used my standard striped for the binding.  I am getting a bit better with sewing my binding.  I am doing it all my machine.  Still room to improve, but am getting better and don't stress about it as much.

I used a wide Moda backing.  Labeled and washed it up the other day and am done.  Way before the end of January.

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Monday, January 23, 2017

Totally Triangle QAL

Now that I am feeling better time to do some sewing.  I didn't want to start anything new because I just can't make a decision, I decided to do more blocks for the Mystery Quilter Totally Triangle QAL.

I am using

Andover Fabrics - Dimples for the colors and Moda Grey and White for the solid colors.

So far I've made Blocks 1 & 2.

Block 1 is Triangle Nine Patch.  It was my first "real" block and wasn't too difficult.  I kind of enjoyed the piecing together.

Block 2 is Bunting.

I moved on to the next blocks 3-6.  I cut them all and then started sewing them.

Egg Timer is Block 3.

Arrows is Block 4.

Campground is Block 4, which is the first block in February.  I want to be ready, remember I don't like to be late.

The last block I did this weekend is Block #6 Propeller.   I like how this one looked.  I was intimidated with all the pieces, but it went together as planned.

Sheila at Mystery Quilter did a great job on the instructions.  They are very easy to understand and have lots of pictures.

So here are my first 6 Blocks.  Only 19 more to go.  I bet I don't make it to June 24th for the last block.  I'm guessing I'll have the remaining blocks done long before June.

So if you want to join in and QAL, stop over to Totally Triangle Sampler at Sheila's Etsy store.

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