Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Ribbon Dance in Progress - #33

A few weeks ago, I started March OMG (One Monthly Goal) using MSQC Ribbon Dance pattern.  When I started to put the blocks together, it was moving along great.  After a few blocks, I was challenged with the pressing.  Seams open, to the dark side, up, down yikes I was failing.

I decided to go back to what has always worked for me, Rows.  So I layed the quilt out and but it together the rows together.  Not sure if it was the best use of time, but it worked for me.  I knew exactly how to press to get the seams to nest.  I was on my way to a finished quilt top.

MQSC Ribbon Dance piecing

We are almost there.  Once I completed the top, it was on to decide on backing.  I had planned on using Me and My Sisters Designs pink polka dot.  Of course, I didn't buy enough.  Time to modify the plan.  I had left over HSTs from the front, but decided that wouldn't be what I wanted for the back.  I wanted something light and airy.  So I cut up some Kona Snow White and added to the back.  Here is the back ready to be pressed and sandwiched.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

February Queens Reign is Over - Quilt #33

I posted a few days ago about joining the #beehivelillypad2017 and being the February Queen.

I received all the blocks and got busy on putting together my quilt.  You know I don't like to have unfinished projects sitting around.  Although right now I do have a few, okay only 2.

I chose Homebase by Blossom Heart Quilts  It was a simple block.  I chose white on whites as the background, greys for the pieces and bright colors for the middle.  This was my sample.

Before I knew it March was upon us and the blocks rolled in.  It was fun to see them posted online and then get them in the mail.  A got a few extra blocks from some in the group, so I only had to make one additional block to come up with 16.  So it was decided a 4 x 4 quilt.

I was so please with the finished quilt.  The binding is my favorite black and white stripes.

The backing was a wide back piece I had left from other quilts.

I decided I will be donating this quilt to Hand 2 Help  I stumbled upon them last year and made a few quilts.  They are starting 2017 right now, so this will be one of my quilts for them.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

February Swarm Lily Pad Queen

I joined my first Quilt Bee, Swarm Lily Pad 2017.  February was my month.  I was the Queen.

I chose the Homebase Block - Blossom Heart Quilts.  Here was my sample block.

I requested a white low volume background, grays and bright color for the middle.  It was a blast to see the blocks online and even better to start seeing them in person.

After getting all the blocks, even a few extras were received I made one more block.  I have a top.

It turned out great.  The sandwich was made last night and I hope to have it finished by tomorrow.  This one will be going to Hands 2 Help.  I signed up last year, as well as this year.

Thanks to my bee mates for the great blocks. #BeeHiveLilyPad2017

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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Paper Piecing

I joined my first online Bee - Swarm Lily Pad 2017.  January's block was a good challenge for me.  It has lots of pieces and surprisingly went together quickly.  It was Blossom Heart Quilts - Ripples  When I saw the directions and pieces, it was a bit intimidated, but I did it.

Next up was February, I was the Queen.  So we know that it would be a simple block.  I picked Blossom Heart Quilts-Homebase.

Now onto the scary part, March.  Our Queen picked a paper piecing block, Blossom Heart Quilts - Wanta-Fanta.  I knew someone would pick paper piecing.  So I started.

Here are the snowballs pieces with one of the X units.  None of the seams in the X unit matched, not even close.  I thought I followed each direction so carefully, but no luck.  Second try wasn't much better.

Yesterday was gonna be my day. Either third strike and I'm out or third time was a charm.  I think it worked are pretty good.  A bit off on some of the X unit seams, but good to go.

Paper piecing was on my list of things to try in 2017, so I can say I tried.  I think I'll be doing some others.  They will be for myself, then I won't be as concerned with perfect matches.

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Friday, March 3, 2017

Stash Additions

Many of you know that I haven't really been quilting that long, 18 months.  My stash is really sad.

Yesterday I was heading across the state to have dinner with some girlfriends from high school (we aren't really girls anymore).  Go Class of 1974!!!  I was going to do a slow drive and stop along the way.

I remember Pam at Mama Sparks World, who is from Ann Arbor, about her favorite fabric stops.  So after an email, she gave me a few places to stop.  I only had a chance to stop at one, Pink Castle Fabric.  When I pulled up, it wasn't quite the quilt shop I was expecting.  It was more like a work type building.  Once I got inside, who cares what the outside looked like.

Here is the fabric I added to my stash yesterday:

There is no plan for the is fabric, other than to look at it and find a way to be able to see it when it gets put away.

Thanks Pam!!!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

March One Monthly Goal - Quilt #32

I can't believe it is March already.  When setting my February goal, I said I was really resetting 2017, as January was a troubled month in our house.  I can't believe I am saying that again.  Hopefully all the germs are out and we can restart 2017 in March.  Here's to a healthy 2017!!!

I met my February goal but didn't get too much else done in the month, so March creeped up on me.

I saw this pattern in my email from MSQC, Ribbon Dance

and had a layer cake of

So I am off to making another great quilt.

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Monday, February 27, 2017

Totally Triangle QAL @ 2 months

In January I started the Totally Triangle QAL.  It is hosted by @MysteryQuilter, on instagram  she posted she was looking for 5 champions to quilt along with her on this journey. It was a totally new thing for me.

First doing blocks is was new to me.  Then cutting things like diamonds, parallelograms, jewels, lozenges, trapeziums.  Yikes what was I thinking.  Ok, I'm an old broad, I can do this.  Sheila's instruction have been great, even for a beginner like me.

We are now 2 months into the Totally Triangle QAL and I have finished the first 8 blocks.  So here they are:

Triangle Nine Patch


Egg Timer




Evening Star


Made it through February, bring on March.

If you want to join on this journey of fun, head over to

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